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Do small things with great love——FT interview with the owner of Jade Vineyard Ms. Ding Jian


China is now one of thelargest wine-consuming countries in the world, one crucial high-end wine market as well. Labeled with taste, elegance and health, the wine will become more and more popular and appreciated by Chinese people along the new wave of national consumption’s escalation in China.

What opportunities will be brought by the rising demand from consumers in this wave? How to balance the wines’ quality and marketing practices in this very competitive market? How to produce premium Chinese wine with international viewconcerning the great cultural difference on wine and spirits?

With all these questions, we interviewMrs. Ding, the creator and owner of Jade Vineyard. In the view of Mrs. Ding, the situation will bring great potential for the increase of market for sure. Compared with profits and volume, to continuously increase the quality of wine is the long-term way to survive and win in the internationally competitive wine market. And the Chinese wine makers should learn from successful vineyards from abroad and localize with Chinese characteristics, which will be the core competitiveness of Chinese wine makers.

FT China: What is the positioning of wines from Jade Vineyard? What are the differences between your vineyard and the ones from abroad.

Mrs. Ding:The wine is different from the traditional industrial product. We have the products at first, then we figure out the positioning. We have to have a look of the soil, and to know which varieties are suitable and which level the raw materials can reach. And then, the wine-making team will decide how to interpret and express the characteristics of the land, more precisely, the terroir. After this, we are able to know what quality will be achieved. The commercial policies come at last. To make good and premium Chinese wine with international perspective is the fundamental path that we decided to take at the very beginning. Making wines with top quality is the goal at first. The rest commercial polices becomes clearer and clearer along with the process. Until now, we have won 68 professional awards internationally. 2017 has witnessed the wines from Jade Vineyard become the champions of several events and awarding ceremonies. Wines from Jade Vineyard have won several times some very famous and top American wines, Italian wines and French wines in the way of blind tasting in the banquets which were open to the media. The guests were astonished by wines from Jade Vineyard. We were grateful about that. These are the gifts from the nature. Our wines are able to express the characteristics of Chinese terroir.

On Novermer 28th, Jade Vineyard officially launched its products into the market through the platform of Caijing Forum.

FT China: At last, could you describe the future of Jade Vineyard in your mind?

Mrs. Ding: Queen Elizabeth has said one sentence during the Christmas speech of this year: Doing small thing with great love, which I would like to exhort myself. Jade Vineyard will always focus on presenting great Chinese taste without distraction!